Mount Mitchell Crafts Fair

Handcrafters from all over the United States come to sell their wares including baskets, candles, kettle corn, pottery, stained glass, and so much more.

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Sonny Ledford

Carver, dancer, and lecturer on Cherokee history

Cherokee, NC (Qualla Boundary)

When Sonny Ledford teaches others about Cherokee culture, he says, "I tell about how I grew up, from a child to a man." As a small child growing up in Birdtown, Ledford spoke Cherokee, and he only began to learn English when it became a practical necessity for enrolling in kindergarten. His mother, a member of the Bird Clan, and his father, a member of the Long Hair Clan, both spoke Cherokee as their first language, and were deeply versed in the tribe's history and traditions of artistry. Geneva Teesatuskie Ledford, his mother, was from the Snowbird Community.

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John Grant

Stone carver

Cherokee, NC (Qualla Boundary)

During a four-year stint in the Air Force, and at the encouragement of his mother, Cherokee artist John Grant began to carve with soapstone found on the banks of California's Folsom Lake. Making many small carvings that caught the eyes of others, he was encouraged to enter local art shows, and began winning ribbons for his work.

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Freeman Owle

Cherokee storyteller and craft demonstrator

Cherokee, NC (Qualla Boundary)

Freeman Owle tells traditional Cherokee stories, carves wood and stone, and talks about Cherokee culture and history. He can demonstrate wood and stone carving, and he can provide hands-on carving workshops. Demonstrations and workshops can be arranged for small or large groups of all ages.

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Lloyd Carl Owle

Cherokee stonecarver and woodcarver

Cherokee, NC (Qualla Boundary)

Lloyd Carl Owle uses his knowledge of legends and stories to carve masks, birds, and animals, describing his work as "realistic with subtle emphasis on the mystical." He demonstrates stone and wood carving, and uses a slide program to discuss carving and other Cherokee arts. He speaks on Cherokee culture, history, and spirituality.

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Ernie Lossiah

Cherokee flute maker, musician, artist

Cherokee, NC (Qualla Boundary)

Ernie Lossiah makes and plays the traditional Cherokee flute. He also carves wood and stone, and he is an artist who works in pencil and in pen and ink.

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George Goings

Cherokee woodcarver, stonecarver, craft demonstrator

Cherokee, NC (Qualla Boundary)

George Goings carves animal figures in wood and stone, using walnut, cherry, buckeye, holly, alabaster, red pipestone, and soapstone. He prefers to use black walnut more than other woods because its hardness enables him to carve with more detail. He exhibits his work and demonstrates wood and stone carving.

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