Stabilization and Rehabilitation of the Historic Carson House Barn

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Cherokee Homestead Exhibit in Hayesville

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Mount Airy

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Mount Airy

Before there was a state of North Carolina, indeed before there was a United States of America, as early as the 1750s settlers began to gather in the area now known as Mount Airy.  A stopover point on a much-traveled road that ran from Salem, NC,  into Virginia, the community grew into a small town by the 1830s.

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Early History

On May 29, 1893 Southern Railway's "Number 11" deposited a travel-weary band of twenty-nine souls from Northern Italy who were to break ground for a settlement. They were called the Waldensians, and that settlement became the Town of Valdese.

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The historic small town of Brevard is the county seat of Transylvania County, also known as "the land of the waterfalls." The community is surrounded by nature and the Pisgah National Forest.

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The town of Highlands was supposed to become a hub of commerce in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, had its founders had their way.  In 1875, two developers in Kansas drew two lines--one between New York and New Orleans, the other from Chicago to Savannah.  Where the lines crossed, they believed would become a crossroads of trade. 

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The confluence of the Yadkin River and Big Elkin Creek in North Carolina's Blue Ridge mountains has drawn people to the site of what is today's city of Elkin since the coming of the Paleo-Indians 10,000 years ago. Records show that the Sioux Indians settled along the Yadkin River as early as 500 B.C.

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