Clay County History and Arts Museum

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Cherokee Homestead Exhibit

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Heritage Tours and Group Receptive Services

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Robert Bushyhead

Storyteller and language preservationist

Qualla Boundary

Cherokee tribal elder Robert Henry Bushyhead called his native Kituhwa dialect a gift of the Great Spirit. With the help of his daughter Jean Blanton, a teacher in the Cherokee schools, he devoted years to documenting this legacy. The preservation process began years before that, however, when he not only developed a love of his native language but also a gift for telling the stories of what it means to him and to the Cherokee people.

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Sequoyah's Alphabet

Sequoyah's Alphabet

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Reuben Teesatuskie

Cherokee woodcarver, silversmith, and storyteller

Cherokee, NC (Qualla Boundary)

Reuben Teesatuskie is skilled in woodcarving, silversmithing, and storytelling. He presents programs that include Cherokee language, story, and storytelling. He also demonstrates wood carving and teaches Cherokee traditional dances.

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Robert Queen

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Sonny Ledford

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James "Bo" Taylor

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Marie Junaluska

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