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Cherokee Homestead Exhibit

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Chuck and Peggy Patrick

Oldtime musicians and craftspeople

Brasstown, NC (Clay County)

Chuck and Peggy Patrick, natives of Blairsville, Georgia, grew up learning traditional mountain music and crafts. Peggy's father and grandmother were both square dance callers, and from her family she learned much oldtime and gospel music. Chuck, who is also an oldtime musician, was trained by his stepfather in several traditional crafts. His stepfather's family ran Jackson Forge in Blairsville, and taught Chuck blacksmithing skills, which he uses today in his crafting of knives and other edged tools.

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Eloise Maney

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Sonny Ledford

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Shirley Cloer

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Richard Saunooke

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Polly Rattler

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Shirley Jackson Oswalt

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Ed & Christina Goings

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