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The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area's website is a comprehensive, non-commercial resource for visitors, educators, partners, researchers, students, businesses, elected officials, local and state governments and others to learn about the rich heritage and culture of our region, and the importance of preserving it.  In short, it's a real "go to" site for information and an umbrella brand for all who live and work in the 25 westernmost counties of North Carolina.

How to link to

If you'd like to offer visitors to your website an easy link to information and resources available in the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, we encourage you to add a text or graphic link to the BRNHA website. The linking graphic may be used only to link to the website. We ask that when you link to, you do it in an appropriate context and as a service to your web visitors.

Text link to

If you use a text link to the BRNHA website, copy  the following HTML code and paste it anywhere on your website, which will automatically create a link to the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area website. 

Your viewers will see this message:  The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area is rich in heritage treasures, including Cherokee history, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Blue Ridge artists, exciting outdoor activities and authentic Blue Ridge music experiences.


The <a href="" title="Blue Ridge Mountains">Blue Ridge National Heritage Area</a> is rich in heritage treasures, including <a href="" title="Cherokee History">Cherokee history</a>, the <a href="" title="Blue Ridge Parkway">Blue Ridge Parkway</a>, <a href="" title="Blue Ridge Mountain Artists">Blue Ridge artists</a>, exciting <a href="" title="Blue Ridge Outdoor Activities">outdoor activities</a> and authentic <a href="" title="Blue Ridge Mountain Music">Blue Ridge music</a> experiences.

Graphic Link to

We have designed a special logo for our partners' use in linking to our website, as part of our "Proud to be part of" campaign .  We invite all our partners in heritage preservation and tourism promotion to help brand our entire region by including this logo on your marketing materials, especially as a link on your website. 

Proud to be part of logo





Please follow these guidelines for proper use of the "Proud to be part of" logo:

1.  Use the jpg image of the Proud to be part of logo as it is shown here.
2. You may reduce it in size, but please do not crop or alter the image in any other way.